23 Epic Highlights of Santorini during Late Fall or Mid Spring Dreaming of our holidays in Santorini #1 out of #3

Photo credtis: Anastasios Kotinas

23 Epic Highlights of Santorini during Late Fall or Mid Spring #1 out of #3

Long carefree days on sandy beaches. Gentle sea breezes. Beautiful sunsets. If you are thinking about Greece, the ultimate summer destination, chances are the idea of Santorini has popped into your dreams at least once.


Here are 23 epic highlights of Santorini waiting for you to discover them during late fall or mid spring. We had to include all those “must sees” for first-timers (they are world-famous for good reason!). But we’re also sharing some of the lesser known gems of Santorini that are equally magical. After reading the list, you might well be wondering how to possibly fit them all into your visit. I feel you – but it didn’t seem fair to leave any of them out. You can always lengthen your stay in sensational Santorini!

Santorini Brightness
Pyrgos, Santorini, Hospitality Stories Photo credits: Anastasios Kotinas

When Santorini shines brightest

First of all, I urge you to visit Santorini during late fall or mid-spring when the weather is excellent: sunny but not too hot to explore on foot. Most importantly, the crowds thin right out and you will have the chance to experience the true incredible beauty of the island without feeling overwhelmed by fellow travellers.

Epic Highlight #1

Stroll around the little streets of Oia village. Oia isn’t just about its famous sunsets you know. You’ll also love soaking up the poetic mood of those slim meandering lanes and the iconic architecture of the island.

Cupolas, domes, excavated houses all come together in a colourful kaleidoscope.

Santorini, Hospitality Stories Photo credits: Anastasios Kotinas

Epic Highlight #2

Book a private sailing experience to visit the volcano, the Bay of Thira and Santorini’s spectacular north-eastern coast. The volcano called “Nea Kameni”, was formed just 300 years ago (a mere baby in volcano years!). Locals say it’s the youngest volcanic format in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Calders, Santorini, Hospitality Stories Photo credits: Anastasios Kotinas
Santorini, Hospitality Stories

Epic Highlights #3

I have visited Santorini many times in peak season for business and I can tell you that there’s simply no better way of experiencing Santorini than by sea. You’ll get private sunset views and the chance to drop anchor at its impressive volcanic beaches.

Epic Highlight #4

Explore Thirasia, once united with Santorini before the earthquake. Sip on a sundowner and admire the amazing colour show this rocky island puts on just before the sun slips away. The view of Thirasia from the sea will blow you away.

Thirasia, Santorini, Hospitality Stories

Epic Highlight #5 

 Hear the stories behind the island’s magnificent churches. You’re spoiled for choice on Santorini but don’t even think of skipping the 1805 church of Agios Iakovos in Pyrgos.

Pyrgos, Santorini, Hospitality Stories Photo credits: Anastasios Kotinas
Megalochori, Santorini, Hospitality Stories Photo credtis: Anastasios Kotinas

Epic Highlight #6

Santorini is much more than the touristic towns of Oia and the capital of Fira. Connect with authentic Santorini through its magical villages and talk to the locals, learn about the history of the island, how it transformed after the earthquake. Celebrate the differences between the “touristic” and the unspoiled Santorini.

Epic Highlight #7

Visit the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, the Aegean’s Pompei - considered one of the most important archaeological sites of the Aegean. The archaeological excavations brought to light a forgotten civilization, buried for centuries under volcanic stump. Lots of people know about the prehistoric settlement but only a lucky few know that the actual village is also well worth visiting. You’ll find new and old houses, a castle and some beautiful churches. At sunset, take the 3km path towards the red beach, to see the photogenic Akrotiri Lighthouse.


Stay tuned to read about the 23 epic highlights of Santorini during late fall or mid spring #2 out of #3! 

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