23 Epic Highlights of Santorini during Late Fall or Mid Spring Dreaming of our holidays in Santorini #2 out of #3

Photo credtis: Anastasios Kotinas

23 Epic Highlights of Santorini during Late Fall or Mid Spring #2 out of #3

Long carefree days on sandy beaches. Gentle sea breezes. Beautiful sunsets. If you are thinking about Greece, the ultimate summer destination, chances are the idea of Santorini has popped into your dreams at least once.

Here is #2 out of #3 of the 23 epic highlights of Santorini waiting for you to discover them during late fall or mid spring. We had to include all those “must sees” for first-timers (they are world-famous for good reason!). But we’re also sharing some of the lesser known gems of Santorini that are equally magical. After reading the list, you might well be wondering how to possibly fit them all into your visit. I feel you – but it didn’t seem fair to leave any of them out. You can always lengthen your stay in sensational Santorini!

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Epic Highlight #8

Visit Pyrgos, the first capital of Santorini, built on the foot of Mt. Prophet Elias and snap away at a knockout view of the island. Pyrgos is a traditional village where you can experience everyday life of the Santorini villagers. Join the locals in the evening to eat and drink in the main town square – as is typical in all Greek villages. In 1995, Pyrgos was declared a preserved monument. Its castle, the so-called Kasteli retains the characteristics of the Venetian empire. Head to the top for another sublime sunset spot.

Epic Highlight #9

 In Megalochori, a pretty village framed by vineyards, you will see beautiful old houses built according to the local architecture. Make sure to visit the two lovely churches of Eisodia Theotokou and St. Anargiroi in Potamos square.

Megalochori, Santorini, Hospitality Stories

Epic Highlight #10

Explore Ancient Thira, a landmark site clipped to the edge of the 396 metre high Messavouno mountain.
Read up on its historical legacy and marvel at the astonishing view.
Ancient Thira, Santorini, Hospitality Stories
Emporio, Santorini, Hospitality Stories

Epic Highlight 11

Emporeio is the largest village in Santorini; it used to be the “commercial centre” of the island (this is the actual meaning in Greek). Locals still come here from the surrounding villages for their supplies and the castle is really picturesque: like a labyrinth, full of little lanes, bridges, arches and domes dotted among the white houses.

Epic Highlight #12 

Vothonas is another memorable village in Santorini well worth seeing. It’s partially built under caves, and the majority of houses are cave houses. Visit the church of St. Roussos, carved from pumice stone under the rock and sample great Santorini wines at the cave wine museum, Koutsogianopoulos winery. You won’t find another wine museum in Greece tucked eight metres below ground in a cave!

Vothonas, Santorini, Hospitality Stories

Epic Highlights #13

 If you like hiking, the path connecting Fira, Imerovigli and Oia is a rare treat. It will take you around 3.5 hours and for most of that time you will walk on the lip of the Calderas, with a jaw-dropping view for company.

Another shorter route for nature-lovers (1.5 hours). is the old path between Pyrgos village and Emporeio.

Imerovigli, Santorini, Hospitality Stories Photo credits: Anastasios Kotinas
Profet Elias, Santorini, Hospitality Stories

Epic Highlight #14

Witness the showstopping view from Prophet Elias Monastery. When the sky is clear you have a panoramic view of the island and you can see other Cyclades islands too. Even Crete if you are lucky!

Epic Highlight #15

 Everyone becomes a wine lover on Santorini: it’s one of the most important and finest local products. Where shall I start? There’s SantoWines and Venetsanos Winery (you’ll get a splendid view too!), Gavalas has terrific wine, especially the Vinsanto, the local dessert wine! The Koutsogianopoulos winery looks like a film set and Boutaris and Argyrou wineries offer premium quality drops as well.

Stay tuned to read about the 23 epic highlihts of Santorini during late fall or mid spring #3 put of #3

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